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We Make ACH Easy

The starting point is Accounts Receivables (A/R), which can be managed more efficiently with CHIPTEK ACH. By opting for secure payment links instead of paper checks, DSO can be reduced. Online ACH payments offer a simpler way for tenants, customers, and vendors to make rent, invoice, and sales order payments.

CHIPTEK PAYMENTS also prioritizes expediting B2B cash flow by enabling credit card acceptance (in-person and remote) that allows businesses to receive full payment faster than ever before, with immediate funding available the next day.

Our team, boasting over 20 years of collective experience in real estate, property management, ACH, and credit card processing, is eager to help.

  • Virtual Terminal Solution: Chiptek Solutions provides a virtual terminal solution that enables merchants to process payments conveniently and securely, without the need for physical card terminals or hardware.

  • Level II & Level III Processing: Our technology is optimized for B2B merchants who require Level II and Level III processing. This means that businesses can enter additional data during transactions, potentially qualifying for lower interchange rates and saving on processing fees.

  • Interchange Optimization Savings: By intelligently processing data fields and identifying the cards that qualify for Level II and Level III interchange savings, our platform helps merchants reduce their processing fees. This can be particularly beneficial for large ticket transactions.

  • Scalability: Our payment technology is designed to grow with merchants' businesses, accommodating both large and small transaction volumes. This scalability ensures that businesses can continue using your services as they expand.

  • Integration Flexibility: Merchants who want to integrate your payment system with other tools or systems have the flexibility to do so. This allows for a seamless connection between payment processing and other aspects of their business operations.

  • Time and Cost Savings: Your platform streamlines the payment process, saving merchants time and labor costs. By turning hours of work into seconds, you make it easier for businesses to manage their transactions efficiently.

Lower DSO With Us -

Daily Sales Outstanding

"In a common B2B transaction, there exists a term determining the time frame within which the buyer must settle their payment. During high inflation periods, delaying payment collection results in a decrease in the value of the invoice. For instance, if the DSO stands at 45 days and inflation is at 9.10%, the supplier's invoice will be worth 1.12% less on Day 45 than when it was issued. However, adopting a card acceptance policy that allows payments on or before Day 15 can trim down the inflationary impact by 30 days, equivalent to .75bp."


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We make secure custom Hosted Payment Pages

for your business to accept ACH and credit cards 24/7.

Our technology optimizes Level 2, Level 3 B2B interchange rates automatically

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